The July 2019 State Department Visa Bulletin is showing the F2A category, spouses and minor unmarried children of permanent residents, as current for all countries including China, India, Mexico and the Philippines. Thus, spouses and minor children of permanent residents with an approved I-130 are able to file for their immigrant visas or adjustment of status to permanent residency during the month of July 2019. Where the beneficiary is already in the U.S., they may be able to file the marriage petition and adjustment to permanent residency concurrently, along with the work authorization application.

The family preference of spouses and minor children of permanent residents has become current for the month of July because the US State Department has received less demand for immigrant visas than it had expected during the first half of the fiscal year (the US government fiscal year runs from October 1st to September 20th, so for July 2019 we have already completed nine months of the fiscal year).

However, should there be a stampede of immigrant visa and adjustment applications in the F2A category during July, it could again become backlogged in August or a little later. This may indeed happen, as nationals of countries such as India, China, Mexico and the Philippines which are used to experiencing longer-than normal backlogs, may suddenly file huge numbers of applications.

If you do have an approved F2A I-130 marriage or child petition, you need to get your immigrant visa or adjustment application ready now, so that you are prepared to file during July 2019.

However, the F2B category for adult unmarried children of permanent residents remains backlogged to September 1, 2013 worldwide as well as for China and India. F2B is even further backlogged for Mexico at July 1, 1995 and the Philippines at August 1, 1997.

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