The first preference, EB-1, is current in all categories for December 2016. However, the US State Department expects EB-1 for China and India to become backlogged during this fiscal year.   EB-1 India has already surpassed its per country limit for this fiscal year, and EB-1 China is close to its limit.

EB-2 China is at September 22, 2012, about ten months behind EB-3 China, which is at July 1, 2013. EB-3 China will continue to be ahead of EB-2 China, although the gap is expected to narrow as those with EB-2 downgrade to EB-3.  EB-2 India is at February 1, 2008 while EB-3 India is at March 15, 2005. EB-2 India continues to be under high demand, as is the worldwide EB-2, which is still current. EB-3 India is expected to stagnate for several months into 2017, only moving up perhaps by one week now and then.

EB-3 worldwide remains almost current, at July 1, 2016. EB-3 for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico are all also at July 1, 2016. EB-3 Philippines is more backlogged at June 1, 2011. EB-4 and Religious Workers categories are at July 15, 2015, for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. EB-4 worldwide and all other countries is current, however, EB-4 Mexico is expected to backlog soon. On December 9, 2016, the non-minister EB-4 special immigrant is expiring.

EB-5 immigrant investors (both regional centers and non-regional centers) is backlogged at March 22, 2014 for China. EB-5 worldwide and for all other countries is current for December 2016. On December 9, 2016, the immigrant investor pilot program is expiring, unless extended by Congress.

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