October is the beginning of the government’s fiscal year, when new visa numbers become available. The October 2016 State Dept. visa bulletin provides relief to those in the worldwide EB-2 category, moving from being backlogged at February 2014 in September to being current in October. EB-2 for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and the Philippines are also all current for October. EB-2 China has moved from being backlogged at January 1, 2010 in September, moving up to February 15, 2012 for October. EB-2 India has moved from February 22, 2005 in September to January 15, 2007 in October.

EB-3 worldwide remains steady at June 1, 2016, not much of a wait at all. EB-3 for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico are also all at June 1, 2016. EB-3 for China has gone from January 1, 2010 in September to January 22, 2013 in October, a leap forward of more than three years. EB-3 India disappointingly has gone from February 15, 2005 in September to March 1, 2005 for October, advancing only about two weeks. EB-3 Philippines has advanced modestly from July 1, 2010 to December 1, 2010.

Unfortunately for reverends, rabbis, priests, nuns, imams and other religious workers, visas in the religious worker category are totally unavailable for all countries.