March 2017 calendar,

Back to more mundane topics! For March 2017, the priority dates for the first employment preference are current for the world-wide category, and current as well for China, India, Mexico and the Philippines. Second preference is current for the world-wide category. However, second preference is at December 15, 2012 for China and June 1, 2008 for India.

Third preference for March 2017 is at December 1, 2016 for the world-wide category, practically current, and Mexico is also at December 1, 2016 for EB-3. However, China is at March 15, 2014 for EB-3 about a three-year wait, and India is stuck dismally at March 22, 2005 for EB-3. The Philippines is not doing too badly, with EB-3 at March 15, 2012, about a five-year wait.

Other workers, world-wide and for Mexico, is at December 1, 2016, almost current. However, for both China and India, the other workers category is backlogged by more than a decade, at February 1, 2006 and March 22, 2005, respectively. The Philippines other workers category is at March 15, 2012, five years behind, as it is for EB-3.

Religious workers are current world-wide, and for China, India and the Philippines. However, the religious workers category for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is backlogged at July 15, 2015, stretching out to one year and eight months.

EB-5, both regional centers and non-regional centers, is current world-wide as well as for India, Mexico and the Philippines. Only EB-5 for China is backlogged to May 1, 2014.