Because of very high EB-2 demand worldwide, including very high EB-2 demand for India, the EB-2 category for India has retrogressed for June 2016 to October 1, 2004, and is expected to advance only very slowly for the rest of the fiscal year, which ends on September 30th. This means that the current wait of 11 years and nine months for the Indian EB-2 category will become even longer. Additionally, the EB-2 worldwide category, although it is now still current, may be at risk of retrogressing due to very high demand.

For June 2016, EB-3 for India is at September 22, 2004, slightly worse than EB-2, and is expected to advance at a snail’s pace for the rest of the fiscal year.

Similarly, but much less severe, the EB-2 and EB-3 categories for China will retrogress in June 2016 to January 1, 2010, a current wait of about six and a half years, which will become even more lengthy. It is expected that this cutoff date will remain in place at least through the end of this fiscal year.