People with an advanced degree or exceptional ability in their field may immigrate to the United States if their admission would be in the national interest of the United States. People with extraordinary ability in their field meaning that they have risen to the very top of their field may also immigrate to the United States. Here are some examples of cases we have successfully completed in the past:

Civil / Transportation Engineer:
The beneficiary had a Ph.D. in civil/transportation engineering. He is an adjunct professor of transportation engineering subjects at a leading New Jersey university. He co-authored several technical publications with professors and professional colleagues. He pioneered a new mathematical formula for analyzing traffic flow on free ways.

Civil / Transportation Engineer:
The beneficiary had bachelor and masters degrees in civil engineering. He had worked as a research assistant for a leading university in New York where he completed his masters’ degree. He assisted his professor in writing a guidebook on strategies to minimize single occupancy vehicle trips to employer work sites in New York State.

Civil / Transportation Engineer:
The beneficiary had bachelors and two masters’ degrees in civil engineering as well as more than 10 years of experience in his field. He was employed by a leading transportation engineering consulting firm in New York, which was a consultant to many public agencies. During his masters program, the beneficiary conducted extensive research on free way traffic flow and traffic control theories under close supervision of his professors.

Civil / Transportation Engineer:
The beneficiary had bachelors and masters degrees in civil/transportation engineering as well as more than 5 years of experience in the field. The beneficiary also holds a professional engineering license. He was working on a consulting assignment to design airport signs using state-of-the-art computer technology. During his masters program, the beneficiary conducted extensive research in the field of video image detection technology used for optimizing traffic flow.

Classical Guitarist:
The beneficiary graduated from the Julliard School of Music. The beneficiary had performed throughout Europe and the United States, and had won many prizes and awards.

The beneficiary had a Ph.D. in chemistry. He had many publications, and was researching treatment of AIDS and addiction to crack/cocaine.

Doctor / Surgeon:
The beneficiary was a doctor who was working in a hospital in an under served area of the Bronx. The doctor treated many poverty stricken people who were drug abusers and suffering from AIDS and other ailments. The doctor had also performed research and had publications

Financial Analyst:
The beneficiary had bachelor and masters degrees in business administration. During his masters of business administration program, he had conducted an extensive research work with his professors. A leading real-estate firm employed him in New York, which had demonstrated a genuine commitment to improving the local economy.

Head Teacher in a Homeless Shelter:
The beneficiary had demonstrated exceptional ability as a teacher and had developed curriculum plans and teaching methods for young, disadvantaged children. Her employer was a homeless shelter in East New York. Her admission benefited the U.S. by educating poor, homeless children.

Researcher in Biochemistry and Biotechnology:
The beneficiary had a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and a Ph.D. in Life Science. She was internationally renowned in a specialized area of cell biology. Her research focused on finding a cure for the Niemann Pick D disease, a fatal childhood disease, as well as understanding heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Mad Cow disease. She had authored more than 18 research papers, and delivered lectures at international conferences, as well as judged the research work of others.

Singer / Actress:
The beneficiary was one of the most prominent singers and actresses in her country. In the United States, she had secured roles in Broadway shows, and was producing an ethnic television show.