Louis XIV “L e’tat c’est moi”​ illustration for La France et Les Francais a Travers les Siecles, F.Roy 1890.


A proposed executive order, really a new edict by President Trump, lists the following targets of sweeping reforms: B-1 business visitors; F-1 practical training; E-2 treaty investors; H-1B temporary professionals; H-2A temporary agricultural workers; J-1 supper work travel program; L-1 intracompany transferees; and E-verify.

DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is to review all regulations allowing foreign nationals to work in the US, and to determine which of them should be rescinded within the next 90 days.

DHS is to start making site visits to the places of employment of L-1 workers, as well as third-party client sites, and develop a plan to expand the site-visit program within two years to cover all employment-based visa programs.

Within 90 days, DHS is to come up with a plan to expand employers’ participation in E-Verify and to require employers to participate in E-Verify if they are sponsoring a foreign national.

The proposal also states that “The heads of all executive departments and agencies shall rescind any orders, rules, regulations, guidelines, or policies implementing or enforcing the programs rescinded by this order, in the manner and to the extent consistent with law”.

The proposed edict would also abolish the use of parole for entire groups of people.